The Looking Forward Podcast

Ep 22: Will Facebook’s Libra Kill Off Central Banking?

June 19, 2019

What do the Hong Kong protests mean, and why are they so important? (2:17-18:25) Facebook releases Libra - how much of a threat is this to the current banking system and what does it mean for the future of money (18:25-39:34)? And what is regulatory dark matter and why is it holding back Australia's economy? (39:34-46:45) Dr Chris Berg and Scott Hargreaves are joined by Professor Sinclair Davidson and IPA Research Fellow Kurt Wallace to discuss these topics and share their culture picks including John Wick, Poverty Inc, A podcast from the Mercatus Centre and Solaris.



Rein in regulators to cut red tape, Kurt Wallace:

John Wick

Poverty, Inc.

Elinor Ostram as an intellectual, podcast from the Mercatus Centre:

Elinor Ostrom: An Intellectual Biography, Vlad Tarko:

Solaris, Stanislaw Lem


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