Ep 5: Will We Regret Trump’s National Emergency?

February 19, 2019

Does the passage of the medivac bill really show the decline of major political parties in Australia (1:40-17:20)? What does the declaration of a national emergency mean for America, and could the same words be used to enable a disastrous climate change political agenda (17:20-31:03)? And is the Space Force a sign we’re headed for a new Cold War in space (31:03-38:55)? Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg are joined by Dr Richard Allsop and Gideon Rozner to discuss these issues and share what they’ve been reading, watching or listening to this week.


Show Notes: 

Alienated America: Why Some Places Thrive While Others Collapse by Timothy P Carney:

'Report From Alienated America', Reason Podcast:

Midnight at Chernobyl by Adam Higginbotham:

The Land Of Dreams by David Kemp:

Trumponomics by Stephen Moore & Arthur B Laffer:



Special Episode - Postmodernism with Dr Stephen Hicks

February 14, 2019

What is postmodernism, and what are the goals of the postmodernist movement? On this special episode of the Looking Forward Podcast Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg are joined by Canadian philosopher Dr Stephen Hicks and the IPA’s Dr Bella d’Abrera to discuss Hicks’ work esposing the true beliefs of the postmodernist movement and why modern civilisation is incompatible with their ideas.

Dr Stephen Hicks is about to tour Australia to speak more about his work. Go to Truearrowevents.com for more details.


Ep 4: Elites v Democracy, Who Wins?

February 13, 2019

On this week’s Looking Forward, Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg are joined by IPA Executive Director John Roskam and former Liberal MP John Pesutto. The panel discuss Kevin Rudd’s new essay The Complacent Country and what the role of a politician should be (1:49-20:19), the Hayne Royal Commission and what Royal Commissions say about the democratic process (20:19-39:06), and the closure of Melbourne University Press and what the future of intellectual debate is in Australia (39:06-50:20). They also share what they’ve been reading and watching recently, including the podcast The Dropout, Richard Nixon: The Life by John Farrell, Political Reality Meets Economic Reality by Howard Marks and Victor Davis Hanson’s new podcast ‘Can Higher Education Be Saved’.

Show notes:

The Dropout: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dropout/id1449500734?mt=2

Richard Nixon: The Life by John Farrell: https://www.amazon.com/Richard-Nixon-Life-John-Farrell/dp/0385537352

Political Reality Meets Economic Reality by Howard Marks: https://www.oaktreecapital.com/docs/default-source/memos/political-reality-meets-economic-reality.pdf

‘Can Higher Education Be Saved’ by Victor Davis Hanson: https://www.hoover.org/research/classicist-victor-davis-hanson-can-higher-education-be-saved


Special Episode - Churchill: Walking With Destiny

February 6, 2019

In this special episode of The Looking Forward Podcast Dr Chris Berg and Scott Hargreaves are joined by John Roskam, Executive Director of the IPA to interview former guest of the IPA in 2012 Andrew Roberts, author of the international bestseller Churchill: Walking With Destiny about the book, the life and times of Winston Churchill and his legacy today. They also discuss the modern criticism of Churchill and whether his detractors are correct, and the teaching of history today (3:17-46:55). Then Scott, Chris and John reflect on the discussion, what they learned from reading the book and what lessons people can take today from Churchill’s life (47:03-1:10:18)


Episode 3 - 6 February 2019

February 6, 2019

On this week’s Looking Forward Dr Chris Berg and Scott Hargreaves are joined by IPA Research Fellow Daniel Wild and RMIT Professor of Institutional Economics Sinclair Davidson. The four look at the Hayne Royal Commission and why it is “an exercise in catharsis” for the government (1:18-14:15). Next topic is Jacinta Price being temporarily removed from Facebook and what conservative people can do to broadcast their opinions when they don’t align with those of the tech giants, and whether governments should regulate access to social media platform (14:15-26:14). And then the panel moves to the announcement of a new regulator to oversee Australian sport and the history of the government’s relationship with gambling (26:14-37:17). Then the four discuss what they’ve been reading and watching this week, including The Americans, Black Panther, Get Me Roger Stone! and The Future of Work.

Further reading referenced in the show: John Roskam, ‘CBA Gets Beaten Up By The Culture Cops', Australian Financial Review: https://ipa.org.au/publications-ipa/in-the-news/cba-gets-beaten-up-by-the-culture-cops?highlight=regulate%20culture


Episode 2 - 30 January 2019

January 29, 2019

Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg are joined by Andrew Bushnell and Aaron Lane to discuss Victoria's blackouts in last week's heat wave and how to fix energy policy, Buzzfeed laying off opinion staff and what that means for the current state and future of journalism, and New Zealand's 'well-being' budget and how governments should measure the health of a nation.  


Episode 1 - 23 January 2019

January 22, 2019

In this first episode of Looking Forward, hosts Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg are joined by IPA Senior Fellow Richard Allsop and the National Manager of the IPA’s Generation Liberty Program Renee Gorman. The panel discuss women in Parliament and what should be done, the generational change in the Liberal Party that will come after the next election and why it is needed, and the US government shutdown and why getting rid of the State of the Union address is a great idea.


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Looking Forward - Pilot Episode

January 22, 2019

In this pilot episode of Looking Forward, hosts Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg are joined by Professor Sinclair Davidson of RMIT and IPA Research Fellow Daniel Wild to discuss Theresa May's defeat over the Brexit deal and why a No Deal Brexit isn't as bad as people think, the Productivity Commission's recommendations on superannuation and what should be the future of super and the IPA's poll on attitudes towards Australia Day.