The Looking Forward Podcast

The Looking Forward Podcast Episode 71 “Conspiracy Theories Dismissed (Again)”

July 15, 2020

Well may we say God save the Queen because nothing will save the conspiracy theories about the Whitlam Government’s Dismissal. The released palace letters do however reveal deeper truths about our democracy and the falsity of Republican claims (2:24-25:16) As the US election gets closer, Republican are wondering if Trumpism would survive a loss and what’s in it for them afterwards (25:16-41:07) The woke media wars flare again as New York Times Opinion Editor Bari Weiss resigns under pressure. Does this reflect the birth of a new media model how can economics and philosophy explain this media moment? (41:07-1:00:47)


Your hosts Scott Hargreaves and Chris Berg are joined by the IPA’s Andrew Bushnell to answer these questions and share their culture picks. This week’s picks include the film First Man, Kendrah Morgan and Lesley Harding’s Modern Love, as well as the TV series’ Upload.



Show Notes

Most surprising of the Palace letters shines new light on Whitlam; Anne Twomey


The Palace letters are every bit the bombshell they promised to be; Jenny Hocking


Running Against the Devil: A Plot to Save America from Trump- and Democrats from Themselves; Rick Wilson


The Death - and Rebirth - of the Newspaper?; Chris Berg


Resignation Letter; Bari Weiss


Bari Weiss Resigns From New York Times Opinion Post; Edmund Lee



Culture Picks


First Man; Damien Chazelle


Modern Love: The Lives of John and Sunday Reed; Kendrah Morgan and Lesley Harding


Upload (TV Series)

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