The Looking Forward Podcast

Ep 39: Enter the Dragon’s Den

October 16, 2019

Is Extinction Rebellion giving protest a bad name and do we need tougher laws to crack down on their disruptive antics? (1:26-15:25) Is there a cultural cringe at our universities and is that why they’re killing off Australian history? (15:25-28:32) Has ScoMo caught the inquiry disease and become a do-nothing PM? As he might say, we’ll look into it! (28:32-41:40) Your hosts Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg are joined by the IPA’s very own Gideon Rozner and Renee Gorman to tackle these questions as well as dive into their culture picks such the recent Nobel Prize in economics, Stephen King’s classic horror novel “Pet Sematary”, Annelise Nielson’s bank bashing book “Money Spinners” and Jeffrey M. Chwieroth and Andrew Walter’s new book “The Wealth Effect”. (41:40-59:42).

Show Notes:

Calls to review 'excessive' protest laws in wake of Extinction Rebellion arrests, The Sydney Morning Herald

Call to promote Australian culture, The Australian

‘Universities neglect Australian studies’, The Australian

Leaders told to lead and stop passing the buck to bureaucrats, The Australian

Culture Picks:

Nobel Prizes in Economic Sciences

The Poverty Lab, The New Yorker

Pet Sematary, Stephen King

Annelise Nielson, Money Spinners

The Wealth Effect: How the Great Expectations of the Middle Class Have Changed the Politics of Banking Crises; Jeffrey M. Chwieroth; Andrew Walter

Wealth anxiety and political populism in democracies, Andrew Walter

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