The Looking Forward Podcast

Ep 35: Woke Museums And The Parisian Nonsense Machine

September 18, 2019


Following the ACCC’s digital platforms inquiry, Facebook amongst others has argued its recommendations make targeted advertising unworkable. Are the proposed regulations just protecting weaker competitors? (1:21-17:03) As incarceration rates rise to unsustainable levels, how can we make punishment work while offering a path to redemption and a productive life? (17:03-32:16) There’s been an outbreak of wokeness at the International Council for Museums (yes, it exists), and the new (and interminable) definition of  “museum” is the distilled essence of post-modern nonsense. (32:16-47:27) Your hosts Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg are joined by the IPA’s criminal justice expert Andrew Bushnell and adjunct fellow Sinclair Davidson to answer these questions as well as divulge their culture picks which include American drama series Boardwalk Empire, Netflix’s Spanish crima dramas Money Heist, the latest Blockchain books authored by Chris and Sinclair themselves, and Amazon Prime’s new series The Boys.


Show Notes

Why Western Australia Needs Criminal Justice Reform, Andrew Bushnell

From jail to earning $150k a year – Korey Penny’s case could be a blueprint for WA prison reform

Trying to redefine museums: a disease of our times (Henry Ergas)

Digital Platforms Inquiry

Culture Picks:

Boardwalk Empire (Terence Winter)

Money Heist (Alex Pina)

Understanding the Blockchain Economy: An Introduction to Institutional Cryptoeconomics, Chris Berg; Sinclair Davidson; Jason Potts

Cryptodemocracy: How Blockchain Can Radically Expand Democratic Choice, Darcy Allen; Chris Berg; Aaron Lane

The Boys (Garth Ennis, Seth Rogen et al)


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