The Looking Forward Podcast

Ep 31: Hong Kong: Nobody Puts Freedom In The Corner

August 21, 2019

With 1.7 out of 7.4 million people protesting in Hong Kong, the Chinese Government is under scrutiny as never before (1:35-23:40). In the latest of a series of devastating results, the federal court has dismissed a significant case that ASIC launched against Westpac. Is ASIC too hard, too soft, or just incompetent? (23:40-36:50). Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland, however, the Danish Prime Minister says she has no interest. Is this the biggest real-estate deal on earth, or a decision for the locals? (36:50-44:19). Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg are joined by Daniel Wild and Dr Zac Gorman to discuss these questions and share their culture picks, including China born British writer, Ma Jian, and his book China Dream, Toy Story 4 and its commentary on communism, Karl Popper’s old classic The Open Society and Its Enemies, and Steve Smith’s remarkable comeback in the latest Ashes series. (46:50-59:04).


Show Notes:

What If Everyone’s Wrong About China?  Tyler Cowen, Bloomberg

Engineers of the Soul: Ideology in Xi Jinping's China by John Garnaut,

The State Strikes Back: The End of Economic Reform in China

ASIC loses landmark case against Westpac, Tim Boyd, Financial Review

Why does Donald Trump want to buy Greenland?  Phillip Inman, The Guardian

Donald Trump, Twitter

Dr Jennifer Marohasy at Climate Change Concern Forum in Maroochydore, Institute of Public Affairs, YouTube


Culture Picks:

Chinese Dream, Ma Jian

Toy Story 4

The Open Society and Its Enemies, Karl R.Popper

Steve Smith’s comeback at The Ashes


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