The Looking Forward Podcast

The Looking Forward Podcast Episode 72 “Parliament Must Do Its Job”

July 22, 2020

After months of contradictory communication about the efficacy of face masks, they’re now increasingly mandatory: in what ways do they work and should we be required to wear them? (1:43-17:00)


Federal Parliament has been punted once again after the PM cancelled the next two sitting weeks. With every other Australian business expected to adapt and function as COVIDSafe, why can’t Parliament? (17:00-27:48)


Legislative reform is on the cards for Australia’s unwieldy environmental regulations:  will green tape finally be cut to unleash economic recovery? (27:48-40:50).


Your hosts Scott Hargreaves and Chris Berg are joined by the IPA’s Evan Mulholland to address these questions and dive into their isolation culture picks. This week’s picks include the film Mr Jones, the TV Series’ McMillions as well as Sir Patricks Stewart’s A Sonnet A Day.



Show Notes

Face Coverings Mandatory for Melbourne and Mitchell Shire


UK’s Virtual Parliament, Ranked; Annabelle Dickson


Independent Review of the EPBC Act; Professor Graeme Samuel AC


EPBC Act Review: Jobs Win Over Litigious Green Activists


Culture Picks


Mr Jones (2019 Film)


McMillions (TV Series)


A Sonnet A Day; Sir Patrick Stewart

Shakespeare's Sonnets & Poems (Folger)

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