The Looking Forward Podcast

Ep 21: What Can The State Keep Secret From The Public?

June 12, 2019

What have the raids on journalists told us about the state of free speech in Australia, and when are state secrets worth protecting? (1:51-26:28) Some conservatives in America want to break the alliance with libertarians – should Australian conservatives do the same? (26:28-50:12) And are we spending too much on incarceration? (50:12-54:31) Dr Chris Berg and Scott Hargreaves are joined by Andrew Bushnell and Evan Mulholland to discuss these issues and share their culture picks, including SuperIntelligence, a podcast accompanying Chernobyl, Deadwood and this year’s Reith Lecture.

Show Notes:

'The Pointless Argument Tearing Conservatives Apart - Rich Lowry, Politico 

'Against The Dead Consensus' - Various Authors, First Things 

'Against Peacetime Conservatism' - Will Chamberlain, Human Events 

'Against David French-ism' - Sohrab Ahmari, First Things 

'AJF White Paper plots law reform pathway for press freedom' - AJF  

SuperIntelligence, by Nick Bostrom 

Chernobyl, podcast by Craig Mazin and Peter Sagal


‘Law’s Expanding Empire’, a lecture by Jonathan Sumption 

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